Here are the characters for the show:

Lauren "Flower" Johnstone

Age - 24

Hair - bright yellow

Job - unemployed

Likes - mother earth, her fellow hippy friends, eating leaves.

Dislikes - McDonald's, Chinese food, Chinese people, loggers.

Bruce "Leaf-head" Herbert

Age - 23

Hair - long, brown

Job - Works at McDonald's

Likes - mother earth, hippy friends, "mellowing out", playing guitar.

Dislikes - Loggers, his job.

Flo "Sunshine" Paull

Age - 19

Hair - grey (dyed)

Job - Fruit & vegetable sorter

Likes- mother earth, her friends, "gettin' down and groovy", stealing fruit & vegetables from her work.

Dislikes - Politicians, loggers.

Extra notes - has a thing for Bruce Herbert

Quincy "Aurora" Harris

Age - 24

Hair - bald

Job - Fruit & vegetable sorter (with Flo Paull)

Likes - gravy, mother earth, his friends, "just chillin'".

Dislikes - Loggers, politicians, the USA and China.

Extra notes - has a thing for Flo Paull

Richard Halswinger

Age - 27

Hair - tidy, short, black

Job - very successful politician

Likes - hanging around the other hippies, eating McDonald's, watching logging take place, going to Europe and Asia.

Dislikes - drug addicts.

Extra notes - all the hippies strongly dislike him.